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orthodontic tooth braces Ultrasonic cleaner

Product number: HB18403

Top Features:

Friendly digital control with red LED display.

With Silicone feet , non-slip and solid

Heating temperature:60C.

Overheating protection function.

With degas function for improves cleaning efficiency.

Buildin cool fan to steady and safety working.

    Product Specification

    Ultrasonic Frequency: 40kHZ
    Tank Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
    Tank Capacity: 600ml
    Timer: 5 options 90S-180S-280S-380S-480S
    Power Supply: AC100-120V,60Hz;AC200-240V,50Hz
    Ultrasonic Power: 35W
    Tank Size: 155×95×52mm(L×W×H)
    Overall Size: 210×145×140mm(L×W×H)
    3800S (2)3n83800S (3)w1o3800S (4)qtm3800S (5)kk53800S (6)0md3800S (7)ofv3800S (8)4bx3800S (9)yo7

    OEM 2000pcs for package design

    Ready goods color: White (Decorative part: Blue / Grey)

    Upgrade Degas Function: Protect the products from being oxidized or having other chemical reactions with air in the cleaning cycle.
    Digital Touch Control: 5 cycles to choose from 90S-180S-280S-380S-480S, depending on the cleaning time you require, for easy precise control.
    Noise Reduction Design: 600ml Ultrasonic cleaner adopts noise reduction design, controlling the sound at 50-60 decibels.

    The steps to use the cleaner

    1. Add water and proper cleaning mundificant
    2. Add cleaning items and power on
    3. Touch the ultrasonic button to start
    4. Clean for 1-3 minutes, get a new look after cleaning

    What are the uses of small ultrasonic cleaning machines for household use

    Small ultrasonic cleaners for home use have many practical uses, below are some for examples.
    Jewelry and jewelry cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaners can easily remove dirt, grease, and impurities from the surface of jewelry and jewelry, restoring their luster and brilliance.
    Kitchen utensil cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning machines can help clean kitchen utensils, such as silverware, stainless steel cutlery, glasses, and even fruits and vegetables, thereby keeping them hygienic and clean.
    Waterproof equipment cleaning: Household ultrasonic cleaning machines are usually used to clean waterproof equipment, such as watches, mobile phones, headphones, etc., which can remove hard-to-reach microscopic dirt and keep the equipment clean and hygienic.
    Medical device cleaning: Used to clean household medical devices or personal care products, such as nail clippers, tweezers, braces, etc., to ensure their cleanliness and hygiene.
    Other uses: Ultrasonic cleaning machines can also clean small objects such as glasses, ink tanks, handicrafts, etc., providing them with thorough cleaning and maintenance. 
    Generally speaking, small household ultrasonic cleaning machines have a variety of practical cleaning functions in family life, which can help remove hard-to-reach dirt and keep items clean and hygienic.