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Enterprise Introduction

Wenzhou Hekun Import & Export Limited Company is a professional company engaged in the integration of smart home appliances and personal health products supply chain, product technology research and development, and sales. We provide OEM and ODM commercial services. Personal health products mainly include oral and dental cleaning machines, hair care equipment, household care equipment, etc.
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Founding Information

With 13 years of experience exploring frontline markets in the fields of home appliances and personal health products, our CEO Ms. Chuh has accumulated market demand for brand customers through her rich experience in frontline brand services, such as DNS Group and POLARIS brand in Russia, NOVA Group in India, GEEPAS in Dubai, ALDI supermarket business in Europe, SOMECO Group in South America, PROZIS company in Morocco, and providing early business services for H&M company, At the same time, we can also obtain high-quality product and technical information. The company's official website serves only as a showcase for some representative products. At the same time, we accept procurement and consulting needs from customers in various aspects of the industry. Through system optimization and integration, with the HYKCON team as the fulcrum, we continue to provide comprehensive and professional product supply services to the market and customers.


Corporate Vision

In the context of technological empowerment, HYCKON aims to explore and provide intelligent care products that are more conducive to human health development, becoming a booster between technology and products, and an important link between customers and products.


Corporate values

Our values are to screen safe and vibrant products for the market, and provide the public with a healthy and high-quality life.


Development History

Thanks to the loyal choices and trust of old customers and friends, HYCKON has grown from an independent sales representative to a company that continuously accumulates business, and has quickly become a one-stop boutique home and personal health product supply platform with an independent brand foundation. We will continue to work hard to provide the market and customers with more recognized high-quality products.

Development Scale

The company has a finished product warehouse in Zhejiang and Guangdong, each capable of accommodating more than 10 high cabinets, as well as 4 well managed manual production lines and 2 auxiliary material processing lines. Can provide timely and high-quality delivery requirements. We have a mature chip technology team in the field of small home appliances and have achieved strategic cooperation with universities to support ODM research and development and improve services.
The company relies on professional industry experience and high standards to provide buyers with professional and branded VI services, working together with customers to create a comprehensive and professional brand development path.