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Mini foldable DC hair dryer

Product number: WD4108

Top Features:

Foldable handle

Cool shot button

Detachable nozzle

Sweet Mini size design and light for Children available

Two speed settings

    Product Specification

    Voltage and power:
    220-240V 50/60Hz 1200W
    100-120V 50/60Hz 800-1000W
    Switch: 0 -1-2
    Cool shot button
    DC motor


    4 mode settings by 0-1-2 with cool shot button
    “1“ mode: Low temperature hot wind with low speed, to give the hair a soft care. Also, it gives the silence with little noise to offer a better concern to your families and roommates. This mode is much suitable for hair in a semi dry state, or hair with varying degrees of damage caused by excessive perm dyeing.
    “2” mode: Higher temperature hot wind with high speed, to give the hair a quick drying effect. And the hot wind will help to style and model the hair in a perfect finish.
    “C” Button: Push the button to switch the hot wind of 1 and 2 setting to Natural cool wind with according speed to dry your hair in a comfort temperature and quick moment.

    OEM 2000pcs for package design

    Children's hair dryers usually have the following product features:
    Safety design: Children's hair dryers are usually made of safe materials and designed to meet child safety standards, including avoiding risks such as electric shock and high temperature burns.
    Comfortable use: The product design takes into account children's usage habits and hand-holding comfort, and may have a compact and lightweight appearance and a curved design that is suitable for children to hold.
    Low noise: In order not to irritate children's hearing, children's hair dryers are usually designed with low noise or silent mode. Gentle wind speed: Children's hair dryers may have a low-temperature, low-speed setting to avoid damaging children's hair or scalp.
    Cute appearance: In order to attract children's attention, the appearance design of children's hair dryers usually adds cute, cartoon and other elements to make the product more friendly.