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BLDC hair dryer

Product number: WD2101

Top Features:

BLDC high speed motor (110,000RPM)

Foldable handle with small size for travel

Six speed temperature modes with hot and cool wind

Each mode with indicator light

With Ionic function for choice

Removable magnetic filter

Magnetic concentrator

    Product Specification

    Voltage and power: 220-240V 50/60Hz 1600W
    Function setting with indicators: 
    -Blue light for cool wind
    -Red light for highspeed wind
    -Orange light
    Warm air mode
    Cool air mode
    Hot & Warm & Cool circulating air (long press)
    Children air mode (press twice)
    BLDC motor



    Long life motors provide over 1000 hours of usage time
    High speed brushless DC motor with 110,000RPM, use strong wind to dry the hairs, shorten the drying time to avoid the damage to the hair.
    The hair dryer is equipped with a magnetic concentrator, and with 5 different modes for different usage. Each mode has its identifiable indicator
    High concentration of negative ion content, effectively protecting hair and ensuring a smooth and comfortable comb without damage

    5 mode settings meet the different usage of whole families

    Hot air mode: A standard mode for drying the hair in a most quick moment. It mostly used for the wet hair at the beginning.
    Warm air mode: It offers the soft care for the semi-dried hair, to protect the hair well.
    Cool air mode: It is almost a mode for special concern to the damaged hair, or it can also be used at hot seasons.
    Hot & Warm & Cool circulating air (long press): The automatic circulating mode offers special requirement as self needs.
    Children air mode (press twice): It gives a soft care for children hair.

    OEM 1000pcs for package design