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Smart Zigbee WiFi radiator thermostat

Product number: TRV602

Top Features:

Self-Patent stepper motor for Ultra precise and fast adjustment

Ultra lowpower and high-performance chip with 3 batteries for long battery life over 2 years for Zigbee and over 4 months for WiFi.

Innovative screen technology with 4 direction rotation for OLED display.

    Product Specification

    Weekly programmable with daily 4 temperature programmable
    Opening window test
    Children safety lock
    Zigbee or WiFi control and APP or Voice remote control
    Lower power reminder
    Automatic / Manual / temporary mode
    Valve anti calcification function
    OLED display
    Display accuracy::0.5℃
    Antifreeze function
    Max stem stroke 4.3mm
    Power: 3*AA*1.5V alkaline batteries
    IP20 Protection grade
    Environment temperature::0~50°C
    Default range of temperature:0.5~35°C




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