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Professional AC/DC/BLDC hair dryer

Product number: HF12310

Top Features:

Two concentrators with different size

360° Swivel cord

Removable filter cover

Cool shot button

Two speed and three temperature settings

Ionic function for choice

Big diffuser for choice

    Product Specification

    Voltage and power:
    220-240V 50/60Hz 2000-2400W
    Speed switch: 0 -1-2
    Temperature switch: 0-1-2
    Cool shot button
    AC motor
    Hang up loop for easy storage
    360° Swivel cord



    AC professional and powerful motor provides salon use available.
    The model equipped with two concentrators in different sizes – 6x70mm and 6x90mm for stylish wind powers.
    The detachable mesh cover design facilitates regular cleaning of the air net, allowing the product to enter the air normally and improving its service effect and lifespan
    High concentration of negative ion content, effectively protecting hair and ensuring a smooth and comfortable drying without damage
    6 mode settings by 0-1-2 switch of temperature and speed, with cool shot button
    “Speed“ switch: It has low speed wind and high speed wind settings, offers a free selected wind output with different motor speed. It offers different concerns to the hairs at different status like wet or semi-dried.
    “Temperature” switch: It has the low-medium-high gears for temperature setting. It offers the soft care for different quality hairs. Also, the different temperature used for different scenarios such as styling or drying the hair.
    “C” Button: Push the button to switch the hot wind of 1 and 2 setting to Natural cool wind with according speed to dry your hair in a comfort temperature and quick moment.

    OEM 2000pcs for package design

    what's the difference between AC motor hair dryer and DC motor hair dryer?
    The main difference between an AC motor hair dryer and a DC motor hair dryer is their motor type and how they work. Their differences are detailed below. 
    Motor type: AC motor hair dryers are powered by alternating current (Alternating Current), while DC motor hair dryers are powered by direct current (Direct Current).  AC motors are generally larger and more common, while DC motors are smaller and lighter. 
    Power and speed: Due to the design and structure of AC motors, their output power is usually higher and they can provide higher wind speeds and hot air temperatures. The DC motor is relatively small and has low power, so its wind speed and hot air temperature are low. 
    Noise: Relatively speaking, AC motors usually produce louder noise, while DC motors are quieter. This is because AC motors produce current waveforms that cause vibration and noise, while DC motors are smoother and quieter.
    Power consumption: AC motor hair dryers usually consume more electricity and have higher power consumption. DC motor hair dryers have relatively low power consumption and are more energy-saving. This means that we can save energy and electricity bills when using a DC motor hair dryer. 
    Life: AC motors tend to have higher durability and longer life due to the complexity of their structure and components. The life of DC motors is relatively short, especially under high load or long-term use. 
    Price: Relatively speaking, AC motor hair dryers are usually more expensive, while DC motor hair dryers are relatively cheaper. This is because AC motors are more expensive to manufacture and design, while DC motors are relatively cheaper.
    To summarize, the main differences between AC motor and DC motor hair dryers are power, speed, noise, power consumption, lifespan and price.  AC motors generally have higher power and wind speeds, but are also larger, noisier, more power-hungry and more expensive. In comparison, DC motors are smaller, quieter, more energy-efficient and cheaper, but have lower power and wind speed. Which type of hair dryer you choose depends on your personal needs and preferences.