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Knowledge about water flossers


Knowledge about water flossers


As a new type of household daily health care product that has entered the household scene in recent years, water flosser is gradually being paid attention to and accepted by more and more consumer groups. However, there are also many people who are not very familiar with them and cannot use them scientifically to effectively solve oral problems. Let's here popularize some common questions about the water flosser and learn how to better use it.

Knowledge about water flossers

Q: What is the main function of water flosser?

A: 1. Cleaning between teeth, Flush out food residue between teeth. 2. Dental braces cleaning, Flush out the bacteria inside the braces. 3. Tooth cleaning, Clean the residue and dirt left on the tooth surface. 4. Fresh Breath, No dirt residue, fresher breath.

Q: Do I still need to brush my teeth when using a dental punch?

A: Yes, and it is necessary to rinse your teeth before brushing them. The toothbrush can effectively remove debris from the oral cavity. Most toothpastes contain "fluoride", which can effectively adhere to the surface of teeth to prevent dental caries. Brushing your teeth before brushing will rinse away the active ingredients.

Q: Can it be used together with mouthwash?

A: You can add regular mouthwash to the water tank, and it is recommended to use a ratio of no more than 1:1. After use, rinse the water tank systematically with clean water. Failure to clean in a timely manner can also reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Q: Can dental calculus be removed?

A: Adhering to the use of a dental punch can deeply clean the oral cavity and effectively prevent the formation of dental stones. The dental cleaning device cannot rinse off lost teeth and stones. It is recommended to seek timely dental cleaning treatment at a reputable hospital.

Q: What is the suitable audience for use?

A: Children and adults aged 6 and above can use it normally. It is recommended to start in low gear mode. Children under 6 years old have soft oral skin and are not recommended to use it.